Flexible Installment Plan


How Do I Apply Installment Plan?

1.Select your collectible, and click the "Apply Installment Plan“ Button


2. Click this button and you will be able to initiate the Installment plan process



Installment Status

  •  Click here to enter your installment account to find out more about your collectible status.

For those who are keen to learn more about our installment plan , here is how it works:

  • Installment plan setup is totally free
  • No service fee
  • Required to place a Non-Refundable Deposit when placing order
  • If Installment plan is applied, customer can cancel a pre order anytime with Toys Wonderland. However, note that you will lose the non-refundable deposit. You will only receive the remaining deposit that you paid
  • If there are two consecutive months that customers unable to complete the payment for any reason whatsoever. The Installment plan will be canceled and lose the non-refundable deposit. Customers will only receive the remaining balance that was paid
  • Customer can choose their Installment plan length up to 12 months
  •  After your Installment plan has started. We will automatically debit the amount from your registered card associated with your Installment plan
  • Items will be shipped upon successful completion of the final payment of your plan
  • Shipping fees will also be charged after your Installment plan is completed and the item is ready to ship

Can I use a coupon for the payment plan?

  • Yes, you can use the coupon on the check-out page of the payment plan

Can I delay a scheduled monthly payment for my personal reason?

  • Yes, we provide a free extension for the first month. However, for any other additional months, a charge of $50 HKD every month will be charged. Please contact our Customer service at CS@toyswonderland.com for the service