Toys Wonderland offers a flexible cancellation policy to give you as much opportunity as possible to cancel items before they ship. All of this can be done contacting our customer service for cancellation at

If you would like more control over how and when your orders ship we recommend you to combine your shipment together by contacting


1. Instalment Plan Is Applied
  • If the instalment plan is applied, customer can cancel an order anytime with Toys Wonderland. However, note that you will lose the non-refundable deposit. You will only receive the remaining balance that you paid
  • Termination of instalment plan will automatically apply when customers fail to pay 2 consecutive month amount of instalment plan
2.Without Applying Instalment Plan
  • Customers can cancel a Pre-order anytime with Toys Wonderland. A 10% administration charge of the item's total price will be charged on cancellation. Please email us at with your order number for cancellation request

Why is my order cancelled in the account?

An automatic pre-order cancellation will occur upon successful payment of the remaining balance or shipping fee after the 14 business days period and the additional 7 days( a total of 21 days). We will only refund the amount equal to that of the refundable deposit. Therefore, please make sure that you have given us the frequently used email and allow us to contact you via email for the arrival notice.

Unparallel orders
  • You may contact our customer service at to combine two orders or above in one shipment. For more details, please contact customer service.
  • Combining orders into one shipment lowers shipping cost with only one shipping.
  • By this you can receive all collectibles once only and arrives at the time most suitable for you!

If the shipping fee exceeds my budget, can i cancel my order with full refund?

  • Some products weight and dimensions are not known prior to the release of the product, thus customers will receive an email to pay for the shipping fee. If the customer is not willing to pay for the shipping fee, please follow our cancellation policy. There will not be full refund available and we will follow the procedure above for the cancellation.

Cancellation of bank transaction

From time to time, some customers orders are regarded as high-risk transaction by banks. In those cases, we will terminate your order and issue a full refund.In most cases, there are just minor issues, but the bank secures and protect our transactions, therefore, in order to provide secure environment for both parties, we have to require you to

1. Process the payment through Paypal
2. Bank Transfer
3. Process the transaction again under a secure network

Can I cancel an In-Stock order?

  • Cancellation is not available for in-stock products