Toys Wonderland Care

  • We do not bear responsibility for product lost in transit
  • Toys Wonderland will not be responsible if there are any incidents occurred during/after the arrival of the product. 
  • Incident includes but not limited to: Natural disaster, labor strike 
  • Customer are responsible  for the shipping fee, delivery service with traceable mail service and insurance are recommended. Find out more at 
  • The maintenance process will last for at least 30 business days, please be reminded that the process time will vary depending the toy's condition.
  • Light up, oxidation, faded colours, cracks, wrinkle of clothing material are covered within the maintenance plan, additional charges may occur depending on toy's condition
  • If there are any disputes about the maintenance, Toys Wonderland reserves the right of final decision.

How Do I Apply Toys Wonderland Care?

1.Reach us via the contact method below 

2.Send us a detailed picture and request, we will reply within 72 hours with the maintenance service fee included. 

3. Delivery methods: Customer could opt for either the following options to send the product to our company.

3.1: Customers could mail the product to our office using a traceable mail service. 

3.2:  We can assign a FeDex Delivery man to collect your product at your doorstep. Please be reminded that additional charges could occur for this option. For details, please contact our care department.


4.The processing time for maintenance takes at least 30 business days. The maintenance progress will be updated upon request.

5.After the maintenance, notice will be sent via email long with payment details